True diversity
starts with inclusive recruitment processes

Who Are We?

A force for good. We want to craft an equal and welcoming job market, where every candidate stands an equal chance, no matter their background. Our protocol ensures your hiring strategies are premium, arming recruiters with evidence-based processes and sharp bias-consciousness.

UN Agenda 2030

Discover how we can aid you in reaching several of these goals by endorsing fair and inclusive recruitment processes.

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For Organisations

Your certificate marks a clear nod to transparency and best practices in bias-conscious hiring. It’s your commitment badge to a fair and inclusive job scene. 🎖🌐

For Recruiters

This certificate is your applause in our commitment to bias-conscious hiring. It’s proof that you’re at the forefront of fair and inclusive recruitment, ready to set the stage for equality in every hire. 🏆💼

E-Learning Portal

Dive into our e-learning hub, access the digital course designed to elevate your recruitment savvy with bias-conscious strategies. 

Inclusive Hiring Masterclass

Join our immersive, all-day workshop tailored for hiring managers. It’s dedicated to enhancing self-insight and sharpening bias awareness, ensuring your hiring practices are equitable and precise.


To renew that badge of honour, you’ll typically need to revisit the original must-haves and jump into a fresh assessment with gusto. Let’s keep that excellence rolling!

Here’s how your org can snag that coveted certificate in bias-conscious recruitment! 🌟

Step by step, we tailor the process to your unique organisation:

Mapping the Terrain: We kick off with a deep dive into your current recruiting scene, scouting for any spots where bias might be lurking.

Blueprint for Brilliance: Next up, we craft a custom action plan. This isn’t your cookie-cutter strategy – it’s a bespoke roadmap to bias-smart recruiting tailored just for you.

Choose Your Adventure:

If you’re the DIY type: With your action plan in hand, you’ll ensure the gears are turning and the plan’s unfolding just right.

Or, if you fancy a co-pilot: Our ace consultants will be your trusty sidekicks, guiding your implementation to tick all the certification boxes.

After nailing these steps and embracing the changes, voilà! You’ll be waving your certificate high – a shiny emblem of your dedication to fair and sharp recruiting. 🏆

Whether you’re self-steering or cruising with our consultants, this certificate is your org’s ticket to the big leagues of bias-conscious recruitment. Get in touch to start your journey to an inclusive workplace.

🌈✨ It all kicks off with a deep dive into your current recruiting game. We’ll line up your practices against our evidenced-based protocol to identify any spots that might need a little polish.

Your mission, should you choose to accept: Embrace a bespoke set of criteria and standards crafted just for you, pinpointing exactly where you can level up. Whether it’s buffing up skills, tweaking your recruitment playbook, or other savvy strategies, it’s all about ensuring you’re walking the walk of best practices in bias-conscious recruitment.

The grand finale? Your tailored criteria are all about zeroing in on those areas hungry for a glow-up, setting you on a straight path to certification stardom. 🏆

It’s all about how much zest and resources you’ve got to pour into the mix. Whether it’s a quickstep over a few weeks or a longer tango spanning months, the pace you set for sprucing up your practices to meet those star-studded standards will choreograph your certification journey’s tempo. Let’s hit the dance floor and chase that certification tune together!

Good for a solid 24 months, then its time for a renewal high five!

To renew that badge of honour, you’ll typically need to revisit the original must-haves and jump into a fresh assessment with gusto. Let’s keep that excellence rolling!

🚀 Boost Your Growth: Level up with a certification that polishes your skills in the crucial field of bias-conscious recruitment.

🤝 Earn Trust: Flash that certificate as a beacon of your expertise, boosting confidence among employers and clients.

🌟 Stand Out: Propel yourself above the competition. This certificate is your golden ticket to being the go-to pro and clinching top projects.

🔨 Drive Change: Arm yourself with the clout to be a changemaker, steering your workplace, even the industry, towards fairer recruitment practices.

💼 Peak Professionalism: Show the world your commitment to excellence and your dedication to diversity and inclusion with this professional accolade.

💰 Unlock Earning Potential: Flaunt your certified know-how in bias-conscious recruitment to access better-paid gigs and upscale your career trajectory.

🎖️ Certified Savvy: Recruiters with our certification aren’t just recruiters; they’re maestros of bias-conscious hiring, giving your company’s rep a mega boost and amping up trust from candidates and clients alike.

🔍 Expertise That Speaks Volumes: They’ve got the lowdown on bias-aware, data-smart, spot-on recruiting, meaning you’re not just filling roles, but nailing it every single time.

⚖️ Fair Play, All the Way: With their know-how, recruitment’s a fairer game, trimming the odds of those pesky mis-hires and ensuring everyone gets a square deal.

We kickstart our consultancy with a deep dive into the unique rhythm of your recruitment needs and challenges. Think of it as your recruitment remix—surveying your current groove, the skillset of your crew, and your ambitions in the bias-conscious recruitment arena. With this intel, we spin a bespoke action plan that syncs perfectly with your goals and tunes. 

In the symphony of industries one size doesn’t fit all. That’s why our consulting services are the chameleons of the consultancy world—adapting to your sector’s beat and your organisation’s size. We tune into the unique challenges and trends of your industry to craft solutions that hit the right notes for you. 

Let’s kick things off with a good old chinwag, where we dive into the DNA of your org, unravel your ambitions, and decode your challenges. Next up, we put on our detective hats for a meticulous survey, followed by whipping up a master plan tailored just for you.

And hey, it’s a team effort! We’re by your side, rolling up our sleeves, ready to deploy the strategies and keep a keen eye on the progress with you. Plus, you get your very own guru—a dedicated consultant who’s all in, guiding you, answering your calls, and leading you to victory. Let’s get this collaboration party started! 🚀

Think of our consulting fees as a custom suit—designed to fit the unique contours of your project’s scope and your needs. No off-the-rack pricing here! After we’ve mapped out your terrain with an initial needs analysis, we’ll craft a quote that aligns with your objectives and our commitment to delivering top-tier, bias-conscious consulting. Let’s talk numbers after we talk needs.

Step into our digital dojo, where learning bias-conscious recruitment is as easy as streaming your favourite tune! 🎶 Our user-friendly platform is your all-access pass to becoming a hiring maestro at your own tempo. Log in, kick back, and conquer at your pace.

Get ready to engage with snappy interactive content, binge-worthy video lectures, brain-teasing exercises, and tests that ensure you’re nailing it every step of the way. It’s a learning party, and you’re the VIP! 🎉📚

Our course modules come with tests and assessments—think of them as your mini-missions to show you’ve got the goods. And the grand finale? A final exam to clinch that shiny certificate. Study up, ace that test, and wear your badge of bias-conscious recruitment expertise with pride! 🏆📚

Need the scoop on your team’s learning leaps? We’ve got you covered! Our reports are like a high-tech dashboard, tracking your crew’s course completions, test triumphs, and all the brainy breakthroughs. It’s the intel you need to see their progress shine! 📈🌟

Mark your calendars! Participants have a 90-day countdown to conquer the course. It’s a set sprint to the finish line, so gear up for a learning adventure within that timeline! ⏳🎓

Heads up! The ticket to our knowledge fest adjusts to your squad size and special requests. Keen on a custom deal for your organisation? Hit us up! We’re all about crafting a learning package that’s snug with your needs and finances. Let’s chat and tailor your perfect learning path! 🤝💼

For solo learners, it’s £950 to jump in!

Get set for an action-packed day of recruitment mastery! This isn’t just a workshop; it’s a deep-dive expedition into the heart of fair hiring practices. We’ll unravel the complexities of prejudice and discrimination, scale the heights of diversity and inclusion, and spotlight those elusive implicit biases. As we champion inclusive leadership, we’ll also arm you with savvy strategies to weave diversity into the very fabric of your recruitment efforts.

But wait, there’s more—imagine a treasure chest brimming with bias-conscious insights. That’s what we’re bringing! We’re all about cranking up bias awareness, equipping you with the know-how to spot and eliminate it, and flying the flag for diversity and inclusion.

Ready to get hands-on? Our interactive session is turbocharged with exercises and practical advice, designed to supercharge your hiring skills. We’re handing you a toolkit bursting with actionable steps to minimize bias and maximize fair play in your recruitment process. It’s a knowledge party, and you’re the guest of honour—ready to elevate your recruitment strategy to champion-calibre levels! 🚀🏆

Pack your day with learning that leaps off the page! Our workshop takes places over a full day. We bring a mix of lively lectures, dynamic discussions, skill-building exercises, and interactive shenanigans—all designed for an immersive and turbocharged experience. Get set for a day where learning and fun collide! 🚀🏢

Choose your adventure: in the buzz of a meeting room or the comfort of your digital screen. While we’re all about the high-energy, hands-on vibe of our in-person sessions, we get that sometimes digital does the trick. Just a heads-up—going physical tends to dial up the interaction and the fun. Either way, we’re ready to roll! 🎲💻

Post our workshop, picture your hiring managers with new superpowers: a heightened sense for sniffing out bias and discrimination, levelled-up skills to tackle these head-on, and a souped-up drive to champion diversity and inclusion in every hiring move they make. What’s the upshot? A hiring process that’s fairer, swifter, and savvy to the core. Get ready for a before-and-after that’ll have you cheering! 🎉👨💼

We keep our workshops snug at a max of 12 legends-in-the-making. It’s our magic number to make sure everyone gets the spotlight for an uber-interactive and supercharged learning sesh! 🌟👥