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We’re committed to the observation of the HR-tech and services landscape, ensuring you’re equipped with cutting-edge tools that not only meet the moment but define the future. Our mission is to arm you with solutions that enhance fairness and inclusivity. Trust our guidance to steer you toward your aims of inclusive recruitment and excellence in execution.

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Our endorsement comes with a promise: Only the highest calibre tools and services make our list. With impartial rigor, we pinpoint suppliers whose offerings not only advance bias-conscious recruitment but also elevate candidate experiences and sharpen decision-making precision. Your trust in our recommendations is met with our unwavering commitment to quality and objectivity.

Approved tools for inclusive processes

In the high-stakes world of recruitment, the tools and services you employ are more than mere conveniences—they’re the bulwarks against bias and the pillars of fair practice. We at The Institute of Recruitment champion this principle: Quality is the cornerstone of recruitment success.

Delve into our curated selection of tools and services designed to cultivate an equitable and inclusive hiring landscape.

Asker Technologies

Who are you and what products do you have?

Asker Technologies is a platform that turns anyone into an interviewing pro. Through ready-made interview templates and questions tailored for different roles, you can get started with your interview in just a few minutes. With Asker, you can set up and conduct interviews, collect relevant interview data, and give all candidates a fair assessment. All while you focus on what is most important – being present in the moment. With the help of Asker’s platform, you increase the probability of finding the right person for the job by 10-15 times

How do your products promote nondiscriminatory processes?

The interview is a particularly sensitive step in the recruitment process where our prejudices (both conscious and unconscious!) get a lot of room to influence the decisions. Asker helps you conduct interviews the way research says we should conduct interviews. By applying a structured interview with competence-based questions and assessment criteria, Asker minimizes the risk of prejudice influencing your decisions. At the same time, you can be confident that you are asking the right questions and assessing what is relevant to the role.



Who are you and what kind of products do you have?​

Hubert is a screening tool for high-volume recruitment that replaces manual CV review and telephone interviews with a chat-based, structured interview

How do your products promote nondiscriminatory processes?

Through the automated approach, it is guaranteed that all applicants are treated equally and fairly, as everyone receives exactly the same questions in exactly the same sequence and is evaluated with exactly the same structure. In addition, customers who use Hubert can count on a time saving of approximately 85% compared to a more manual process while improving candidate experience. Our customers include of some of the largest recruitment companies in Europe.