The tech that’s driving justice

Behind every technological innovation stands a visionary leader. For Björn Elowson, founder of Pharus Tech, the vision is clear: to create a platform that not only eliminates biases from the recruitment process but also paves the way for a more inclusive job market. In an exclusive interview with the Institute of Recruitment, Björn shares his mission, the role of technology, and how Pharus Tech is driving revolutionary change in recruitment.

Björn’s passion for fair recruitment and inclusion is rooted in the belief that every individual deserves a fair chance based on their skills and experiences. “A fair recruitment process gives us the opportunity to find the best talents and create a work environment where diverse perspectives are encouraged,” he emphasizes. Pharus Tech’s platform and matching engine are key tools in this transformation. By using objective criteria and automated matching algorithms, they look beyond biases and focus on real competence. “We open up more opportunities and make the job market more inclusive,” Björn adds. In an industry marked by challenges of bias and discrimination, Björn sees Pharus Tech as a powerful solution. “By using data and technology to anonymize applications and eliminate biases during the selection process, we create a fairer playing field,” he explains. It’s about giving every individual an equal opportunity.

Bias-conscious recruitment

Collaborating with the Institute of Recruitment is a valuable opportunity for Björn to share knowledge and experiences and, through this partnership, reach out to more companies to help them implement bias-conscious recruitment. He sees this as a step towards a meritocratic job market where talent is rewarded regardless of background. Bias-conscious recruitment, according to Björn, plays a crucial role in creating a fair job market. He emphasizes that change begins with self-awareness and underscores the importance of being aware of and challenging one’s own biases. This creates a work environment where competence and potential take center stage, a key component in Pharus Tech’s quest for an inclusive and fair recruitment process.

The role of technology in the future job market

Future recruitment processes are shaping up with the advances in technology and innovation. Björn sees automated matching algorithms and increased use of data as keys to success. “Change is fast, and we must be open to adapting to it,” he emphasizes. However, technology is not a replacement for human values; instead, they are combined to create a balanced recruitment process. Björn explains, “We use technology to automate and streamline the selection process, but it’s always people who make the final decisions.” Through a transparent and evidence-based recruitment process, Pharus Tech ensures that technology serves as support rather than governance for human decisions. Pharus Tech is also an active participant in shaping the future job market. Björn underscores, “Change is fast – we don’t have time to be conservative and wait.” In a job market characterized by automation and technological innovation, flexibility and continuous skill development from job seekers will be crucial. Employers need to embrace openness to change to navigate successfully through this rapidly changing landscape.

Passion for fair recruitment

In conclusion, Björn shares why fair recruitment and inclusion are a personal passion for him. “For me, it’s about the belief that all people, regardless of background or circumstances, deserve a fair chance. Creating a work environment where different perspectives are not only tolerated but encouraged is crucial for promoting innovation and successful businesses,” says Björn enthusiastically. With his passion and technological innovations, Björn Elowson is paving the way for a fair job market. Pharus Tech’s platform and matching engine become not only tools for recruitment but driving forces for change and a more inclusive future. For Björn, this is not just a business strategy; it’s a living conviction that every individual, regardless of where they come from, should have the opportunity to thrive and contribute to a diversity of ideas and perspectives in the workplace.

The revolution in recruitment is ongoing, and under the leadership of visionaries like Björn Elowson, the future is geared towards a job market where justice and inclusion are the norm, not the exception. Pharus Tech stands as a pioneering example of how technology and bias awareness can be combined to create a work environment where every individual has the opportunity to flourish, and no competence is lost due to preconceived notions. For Björn Elowson and Pharus Tech, this is not just a vision for the future; it is a reality emerging, one recruitment at a time. A fair job market is no longer just a dream – it is on its way to becoming a valuable reality, and Björn Elowson is one of the leaders paving the way for this transformation.

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